S.EVE.N. - Serving Those In Need, Inc.

"We Serve So Others Might Have"

S.EVE.N. is a 501 c 3 nonprofit community outreach organization committed to helping families in need.  We support local shelters and serve as a liaison to families with the goal of connecting them to resources that will aid them in becoming self-sufficient.  S.EVE.N. also provides these families with school supplies, Thanksgiving baskets, and Christmas gifts.
The generous support of our friends and sponsors help us help these families when they need it most.
Success Story
S.EVE.N. has been successful in providing assistance to several families within the Maryland and Washington Metropolitan areas.  Over the past several years, S.EVE.N. has made donations to a local women's shelter which assisted them to feed over 4,000 families.  In 2015, S.EVE.N. was able to assist 3 families transition from the local women's shelter to permanent housing and provided funding to assist numerous residents receive software training.

***********************Donations 2019*****************************

Donation to Extra-Ordinary Birthdays

S.EVE.N. made a donation to the non-profit organization 'Extra-Ordinary Birthdays' to help them rebuild after experiencing a fire that destroyed their headquarters.  Extra-Ordinary Birthdays throws birthday parties to help children in homeless shelters celebrate a birthday during a difficult time.  To find our more about this organization or to make a donation, go to their website at http://www.extraordinarybirthdays.org/index.php

*************************Donations 2018*************************

Donation to United Community Against Poverty (UCAP) Family Stabilization Program

S.EVE.N. members, David Mainor and Marcus Johnson, presented a check to UCAP's Family Stabilization Program. 

Donation to Family Displaced by House Fire

To Our Supporters,

On behalf of S.EVE.N., THANK YOU to those of you who made a donation to help a family in need.

The family that was displaced by the fire has been provided temporary house by The American Red Cross; they are now in search of a home.

S.EVE.N. has taken on the responsibility of providing clothing for the children and school supplies.  Once they have been placed in housing, we plan to assist them with that transition.

Please note that we are still accepting donations for this family.  If you would like to give, please go to our CONTACT PAGE for more information.

Below is a picture of some of the items that we purchased and presented to the family.  We could not do this without you.  We thank you for your support.

Donation to Displaced Family

S.EVE.N.'s member, David Mainor and his wife, donated household items and clothing to a family that was displaced and needed help.

We want to thank them for their dedication and commitment to giving back to the community.

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