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S.EVE.N. - Serving Those In Need, Inc.
About Us!
                                          WHO WE ARE
A 501 c 3 nonprofit community outreach organization based in Prince George’s County, Maryland

*formerly, S.EVE.N. - Serving Every Need, Inc.
                                          WHAT WE DO
S.EVE.N. gives back to the community through three giving opportunities:  Back to School Drive , Thanksgiving Baskets and Christmas Gifts.  Throughout the year we donate feminine products, diapers, personal hygiene products, and more to a local women's shelter.  Serve as a liaison to families with the goal of connecting them to resources that will aid them in becoming self-sufficient. 

                                            OUR MISSION 
To assist families in need in the Maryland and Washington, DC metropolitan areas, by adopting a family each year and providing them with school supplies, a Thanksgiving basket at Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts at Christmas.  We also provide support to local shelters.


Thank you Exelon for helping us help those in need.


Article:  http://thesource.pepcoholdings.com/pepco-holdings/connecting-communities/employee-volunteers-receive-30000-awards-nonprofits

Melvin Genwright, Co-President
Jacqueline Genwright, Co-President/CEO
David Mainor, Vice President
Marcus Johnson, Community Outreach Advisor
Maxine Johnson, Treasurer/CFO
Vacant Position, Assistant Secretary
Vacant Position, Secretary
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